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About Us

Quick, inexpensive support for home and small business computer issues

Cybercoolies is an inexpensive 24x7 remote tech support provider for consumers and small businesses. The service is powered by tech professionals with tons of experience, comprehensive knowledge and great communication.

With services in 3 countries and growing rapidly, Cybercoolies relies on its dedicated techies and simplified, hassle-free processes to provide quick, convenient and reliable services to hundreds of people. Starting at just $39, our simple, affordable plans allow consumers and small businesses to get the best service at the lowest cost.

We believe in simplicity

We believe in finding simple solutions to the most complex problems. Even as we rely on sophisticated technology, we strive to keep the resolution process as simple and convenient for our customers as possible. Our immensely successful remote access service called CoolieRemote is a fantastic platform that allows our techie to resolve the most complex of issues, while the customer sits back and relaxes.

Our high resolution rate demonstrates our commitment to ensuring satisfactory solutions to all our customers’ computer-related problems. Our streamlined processes and quick resolutions have earned us great customer satisfaction figures.

Solutions for everyone

Our tech support professionals are equipped to support people of all experience levels, for a wide spectrum of issues. We have solutions to problems ranging from blue screens and boot failures to software issues, virus and spyware problems, networking and wireless internet issues and difficulties related with printers, cameras, smart phones and other accessories. We can help reinstall operating systems, tune up computers for optimal performance, help set up email and other softwares and more.